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Request Songs: click here or call/txt (209)-980-PUNK (7865)


Station phone number: (209)-980-PUNK or (209)-980-7865
Electronic items that can fit in an email box goes to: jack (at) punkrockdemo (dot) com. [Replace the items between the (parenthesis)].

Physical items that do not fit in an email box goes to:

Punk Rock Demonstration
P.O. Box 4502
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

If you are going to send a cd or a record, please make sure you package it properly so it won't break in the mail. The mail people aren't very nice when they deal with your mail!

To become a dj on this radio station, click here.

You can use these electronic forms to submit music, info, pictures, or questions.

This show and radio station is free to the public, but costs me lots of money to pay for hosting, recording, and keeping everything free (like it should be). If you would like to help by becoming a sponsor, please email me and I can help you let the world know about your organization on the radio show and on the website.

You can send me email about the show, website, questions, suggestions, requests, graphics, music, or anything you want. If you want to send demo cds, promotional items for distribution, or anything physical, send it to the P.O. box. For advertising, sponsors, or radio personality position inquires please email me. You can message me or chat with me on the yahoo instant messenger under the screen name punkrockdemo.

Please also contact me if there are any typographical errors or incorrect information listed. Thanks!

To request song removals and copyright problems from the station, site, or show, please email me at jack (at) punkrockdemo (dot) com. You may also use the Ask Jack page to send an email through the website.

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